What I am up to now

I am living in Phoenix, AZ with my wife Coreen, and our puppy Lola. We just went on a fantastic hike at South Mountain (Lola's first real desert hike) and now everyone is napping, except for me. I started working as an IC Test Engineer in June. It has been an exciting challenge to start a career at 30 years old. I am sure 30 will sound very young to me in a few years, but right now it feels quite old! Age is a state of mind? In May I (finally) graduated college with a BSE in Electrical/Computer Engineering. That was big for me. I have always studied interesting subjects, but never been able to finish what I set out to accomplish, or even really know what I was setting out to do. This experience was unlike no other because I tapped into a tenacity and focus I didn't know I had. And the subject matter was so awesome. When I was really little (6 or 7?) I said I wanted to be a scientist when I grew up. And that year I got a really cool chemistry set for Christmas. I don't remember making anything with the set, but I was stoked on the idea of creating/studying/obsessing over something difficult to understand. Unfortunately it took me a long time to discover that it takes a lot of work and patience to become technically competent (not even good) at "science", whatever the specific field may be. For a long time I thought one could just be "smart", and magically understand everything... But hey, I figured out how to be a scientist after all! Does a Bachelor's of Science count? And now you're all caught up.

--Nigel, October 10th @ 1:03pm